"Ganduri pe randuri"


See through

See through

Paper thin and clear like the blue sky
I am still hoping for a better future
In my head The symphony of yesterday
Is still playing its sounds. I am mature

Loading my gun with ammunition and then
I am shooting. I am shooting for the stars
No more a desert, no longer like back then
I am not fading I am rising from the scars

You can see me now, you can see me clear
Don’t be afraid of whom I can be, for now
I am giving the world a chance to be near
To me and learn the meaning of how

But be afraid for the future, the time will come
I will revenge myself and the torn feelings
Aiming for you I will become undone
But till then, I will smile and offer greetings


Day Dream

Day Dream

It happened to see you on my way from work
You looked beautiful and you didn’t seem a jerk
I was looking at you in the reflection on the window
And imagine how would your head lean on my pillow
Not a wild day-dream, but you did wake me up
And when I looked into your eyes, my heart stopped
Maybe you could hold my hand and explain me why
We are not together, but with the promise we’ll try
I am not letting go, so your words have to be real
This is what I wish for, even if it’s not real
I can see your smile and maybe you are a little shy
But don’t worry at all I won’t make you cry

Sold out

Sold out

When I moved out from my house of dreams
Selling every thing was the easy part
Wanting to forget the past and the screams
And tried to get rid of all for a fresh start

The memories I build in there are still real
But the blur is taking some power over all
My house is gone and I want a nice deal
For every thing I own, even if it’s small

So, I started to let go and sell my things
A crowd gathered and watched with fear
But I had no idea that I am on some strings
Empty my mind and push to the 5th gear

People were frightened by what I just did
Without a warning, my thoughts rushed in
And as soon as I realised, I felt like a stupid kid
I sold my heart and I am numb within

Power up

Power up

Push the start button and let go
Fast and angry the speed increases
Fuel runs out but you want more
Out of time and into pieces

Gather up, shame aside and try again
Watch ahead, don’t close your eyes
Focus on the prize. You want to win
Parts of the puzzle arrange so nice

Build the image and make it real
Paint your road and push your luck
Accelerate and break the deal
Cheat a little and don’t get stuck

Pass the finish line and laugh
Enjoy the adrenaline, don’t stop
Do it again, but don’t get caught
Now push it further and get the top



I thought that I could do it and in a great way
But it seems like I am blocked by the every single
Cell in my body, foreigner in my own world. I say
From tomorrow it will go better with all people

Turns out it’s a lie. No one cares for me
My rocks are back home, and I am too far from them
The things that are done remain and you can see
In my eyes right into my soul, each one of them

A mark is there for all the world to take a look
But who cares for them or for me ? Eyes shut
I even try to lay down my heart like an opened book
You put me down each time, my strings are cut

No more bad things, no more tears on my cheek
Who cares for my feelings and my well being ?
I want to play and be naive, no more a creep
To young to deal with all life’s kneeling

Trying to be perfect got me in a strange place
Nobody cares about the difference in my heart
My flesh and blood trembles at every chase
So what ? My mind and soul are not apart

I have a conscience and it begs me to stay true
How could I remain me? Can I still rise up ?
Care for me and don’t ask to care back for you
To tired of doing that, I got my own stuff

Rush of the mind

Rush of the mind

Eyes wide open, thoughts running through the mind
Trying to make a  good puzzle out of mankind
Hoping that tomorrow will be a better day
But still knowing that it’s only one mans pray

Just a thought stays for a moment longer
The one that offers a better view of us stronger
Rising up to the expectations we have for us
No sleep tonight, the mind decided to make a fuss

Pushes over the edge each second and then
Almost when you think it’s over turns into hell
Like a shot of adrenaline rushing in your veins
Thoughts overwhelm and the body has no restrains

Doors are unlocked from the top of the brain
Emotions pour out revealing the pain
Yesterday was worse than any other day
Frightened about what tomorrow may

Blood boils inside and a scream finds its way out
The mind found a hole and wants to know about
What heart has inside and what it provides
The shelter is discovered and has something that shines

Pure intimacy and love enough for us all
The thoughts go to rest and so is the soul
Another battle is won by the complex heart
Falling asleep it’s another hard part

M and M

M and M

You are not big, but you are not small
You are sometimes rainy like the fall
Make me laugh and I’ll make your day
I can bet on you to make me stay

Leave no more and be open to your heart
Because it was terrible when we were apart
I think of you even when you’re near me
You calm me down like a peppermint tea

I could write about you on and on
But there’s no need now that you’re home
Surrender in your arms and feel your heart beat
After such a long day, this is what I need

7 days

7 days

Monday is the hardest for us all
Starts the week, but we just crawl
Tuesday feels so awkward in my mind
I have to leave the weekend behind
Wednesday seems to be just fine
After all, it doesn’t worth a dime
Thursday brings a shy and tiny little smile
In my opinion is the weeks isle
Friday my eyes are wide open to see
The weekend right in front of me
Saturday I wake up with a grind on my face
Is that day when time just stays
Sunday gives the mind some warning
Tomorrow we start working!



I remember all my good friends, I remember well
We used to hang around and laugh until we fell
But now I am gone and I wish they wrote me more
Share the joy and bitter of their soul

Sometimes I am lonely too, don’t forget that
But to your advises I bow my hat
Make sure to send more words to me
I will reply, I’ll be as fast as I can be

I miss you guys, sincere truth and a bit of lie
Because we grow further apart in life
We should make sure that the distance stops
And once again our laugh just starts

Write me nonsense and I will write back
I am not enjoying the e-mail lack
For all of you who read this poem
Post a comment and I’ll reply bohem

No rules

No rules

Not today or any other ordinary day.
I want to live like there’s no other
And maybe it’s not, but we still pray
Otherwise why should we even bother ?

“No” makes it out of the picture for the day
“Yes” doesn’t make it’s way in, but wait
It could be right around the corner. I say
Never deny it’s power, build around and create

No rules for you and I. Keep hoping for the best
I wish to be able to curl up at your chest
Close my eyes and dream forever and ever at you
No rules today and not any other ordinary day too